product liability

Product liability is an area of personal injury liability, in which a manufacturer or seller is being held liable for placing a dangerous or defective product into the hands of consumers. This means that a defected product has caused injury or death and that the producers, and in some cases, sellers of the product, are held responsible for their negligence.

The term ‘products’ covers a vast range of categories including, but not limited to:

• Medical devices

• Firearms

• Hazardous/toxic chemicals and/or substances (such as pesticides, asbestos, mold)

• Clothing and apparel

• Toys

• Automobiles and other motor vehicles

• Automobile accessories, such as tires, airbags, seatbelts

• Food and tobacco

• Pharmaceuticals and medicine – which includes prescriptions and non-prescriptions

• Machinery and tools

In addition, there are numerous types of defects that may cause injury, in which a manufacture or suppler may be liable for, including:

• Design Defects – Design flaw making the product unsafe

• Manufacturing Defects – Product assembly negligence

• Marketing Defects – improper labeling or insufficient instructions

Therman Law defends consumers that have been affected by a dangerous and defective product; demonstrating that injuries or death have been caused due to negligence, strict liability and/or breach of warranty. If you, or someone you know is a victim of a defective product, please reach out to our expert team to help bring justice to your case.

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